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Why "Living Below Your Means" is total BULL$HIT 💩

Yes, this is bold.... and you'll soon learn why it's TRUE!


You have definitely heard someone say, "Live below your means!"

And, without yet investigating alternative strategies, you may actually believe that.

I invite you to slow down for just a moment and consider an additional perspective.

Q: How many people do you know who have "saved their way" to multi-milllion levels?
A: Likely zero

Q: How many times do you feel "fulfilled" and "accomplished" when you decide to forego the daily Starbucks because someone told you you should not spend $4 on your daily cup of joy?

Q: If you are living a life of a miser, or someone who made a choice to live in a mindset of lack or scarcity, when does that crap turn off? Here's what I mean.....
If you were trained or conditioned to be thrifty and to cut back all the time, when does that end? Do you magically get to a ripe old age (when you may be too old to enjoy your meager savings) and then decide to stop worrying about every penny? Did the "thrift-minded" tell you when to stop feeling shameful for spending (investing) in a good time or peak life experiences?
A: You will always feel shame or guilt for "spending/investing in yourself" until you decide to dive in and enjoy life.

Q: Let's say you are the kind of person who always drives your car (in the summer) with your A/C off (or low) so you can save gas. Let's say you are the person who reused tea bags (it happens), or someone who feels flying first class (even once) is a total waste of money. Let's say you are the type of person who always settled for second best because you aren't willing to do what it takes (ooooowwww take a risk... oooooh scary) on getting/experiencing the best. Is it possible, you are totally missing out a more interesting, comfortable and exciting life?
A: If you live the life of scarcity, lack or minimalism due to fear, you are really missing out A LOT.

Here's the break down.....

To live within your means, you need to INCREASE YOUR MEANS.

If you want Starbucks everyday, do what it takes to enjoy Starbucks every day.

If you want to fly first class, be creative and resourceful, so you can enjoy that luxury experience.

If you want to buy your dream house, stop listening to people who tell you it's indulgent or excessive. Let them think small and live a life a scarcity. You have the opportunity, right and responsibility to live your life to the fullest every day.

I've interviewed MANY older adults to ask them about life lessons. They ALL say the same thing. In so many words, they all say, "LIVE LIFE FULL OUT! Don't worry what others say or think. Live your own life without ever worrying if anyone else approves. Just be nice to people, and then let them think what they want. You only get one life, so make it a good one!"

Yes, some people will totally disagree with me here. I respect opposing perspectives.

For those who disagree, let me ask you these questions.
And, please, be 100% honest with your answers:

1. Do you have total freedom in all areas of life, or are you close?

2. How many people do you know who can travel the world, live a life unencumbered, and experience peak events weekly, and also, at the same time, live in fear, anxiety, scarcity and a mindset of lack?

3. At what point have you decided to stop fearing abundance and dive in 100%? And, what have you missed out on so far because you've been living/thinking small?

4. Are you driving your dream car (honesty)? Do yo live in your dream house (honestly)? Have you already gone on your dream vacation (honestly)? And, how do you feel each year you don't have what you say you truly desire? And, in which lifetime will you acquire or enjoy these things?

5. How many of your friends are living life full out, custom designing their day, business, lifestyle, travel, etc? Just because similar people congregate, I'm going to get zero. I could be wrong, let me know....

If this gets you fired up (one way or the other), GOOD! That is my intent.

I've been fortunate to have coaches, mentors, guides and teacher that have taught me to do, think, act, believe and achieve "differently" than the mass of humanity. I DID THE WORK! The results have been incredible. I'm grateful, and I have fun every damn day!

I'd like for you to experience the same. Yes, you deserve it. If people don't believe in you, or support your dreams, they don't have a place in your life.

You need to surround yourself with people who support you, provide resources, give you honest feedback, share connections, and build you up, so you have custom design your dream life.

You got this, and your time is now!


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