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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD >>>> Stop asking to "pick my brain" or pick anyone's brain for that matter.... Why? 1) It's an extraction (no reciprocity). 2) It's the same as saying, "thanks for doing all the hard work for decades, and now I want to take it all without paying for your expertise." 3) The visual of "picking" is horrible. 4) By default, you are saying you are NOT an A-player, because A-players ALWAYS pay for expert advice/coaching/consulting 5) "Buying a cup of coffee" is not payment for an hour of "picking" or "consulting". 6) BRAIN PICKERS do NOT have the money for your coaching/consulting or advising anyways.... that's why they "pick".... so why waste your time with someone who doesn't value you when you literally will get nothing from it? My hourly consulting fee ranges from $300 - $600 depending on a few factors. Give me $600 and I'll buy the Starbucks. And, wait..... it gets better..... GUARANTEED there will be a couple people who think I'm an ass for writing this. I KNOW IT. And, those few people HAVE NOT done the work to value their time enough NOT to allow "brain picking". Value your time. Value your effort. Value your business. Value your dignity. THE MORE YOU PAY...... THE MORE YOU PAY ATTENTION!
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