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Yes, we raised $3,400,000 for charity in just 4 days.

Lesson for trainers, coaches & entrepreneurs

Yes, that number is accurate.

You have a very important business and life lesson here, so read on!

Trainers, coaches and experts just like you MUST pay attention to this lesson. It's a game changer.

QUICK BACK STORY: Each year, my wife Kelli ( and I go to a charity fundraising event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It benefits several charities, and we pay for life saving, and much needed surgical procedures for the local poor. In just 4 days, we raised an astounding $3.4M. CRAZY!

All the proceeds go to the surgeries mentioned above, as well as homeless programs in various U.S. cities, services for veterans, after school programs, foster care, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Miracles for Kids - M4K (my wife is on the Board). M4K provides assistance, housing and resources for kids and families with terminal illness.

All awesome organizations, and the money is used wisely.


You should support a charity because: 1) it makes you feel good 2) it's awesome to help people 3) it makes you a better human 4) the networking is incredible 5) you get tax deductions

Think about how great you feel when you help a client have a mental, emotional or physical breakthrough. It's awesome. Magnify that 10X, and that's what charity is like.

What kind of people support charities? The vast majority are kind, loving, helpful and thoughtful people with resources to help others. Aren't these the kind of people you want to associate with on a regular basis?

Isn't it more likely these types of people can afford and benefit from your services?


By the way, if you have ever thought "rich people are greedy or selfish"

......I invite you to reconsider.

The average net worth of the 500+ people was over $3M. In some cases, it was well over $100M. And, yes, they donate MUCH more to many other charities throughout the year.

SIDE NOTE: If you think "rich people are greedy or selfish....... you would also have to believe that if/when you become wealthy, you would ALSO be greedy and selfish. It cannot just be them, right?

I digress.... that though has just always bothered me..... because it has no merit.

Again.... why does all this matter?

It's good to serve others.

​​It's great to network with giving and well-connected people.

The majority of people who support charities and go to events like this are wealthy. They value health, fitness, high performance, good food, coaching, and life hacks to become even more successful.

Doesn't it now make sense that these same people could easily hire a trainer, coach, advisor, fitness chef, etc AND not complain about your rates? EXACTLY!

The networking at these events is INSANE. People like and want to support those who support THEIR favorite charities. It's that simple.

Get involved. Make a difference. Grow your business.

Yes, it's this simple!

And..... go!


Dr. John Spencer Ellis "JSE"

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