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The Entrepreneur Show: Enjoy this interview with Author, Host and Fitness/Coaching Entrepreneur, Erik Rokeach. We dive into his brand new book entitled “The Entrepreneurial Identity Crisis – The Growing Movement That is Destroying the Happiness and Success of Entrepreneurs”

Discover Why So Many Entrepreneurs Are Driving Themselves To A Level That They Can Never Sustain And Never Be Happy With.
  • You Will Learn why just about everything you are being led to believe about success and happiness as an entrepreneur is wrong.
  • How To Find The TRUE Success that every entrepreneur really wants and is rarely being taught.
  • You Will Discover why this crisis has developed and why very few are talking about it.

It’s About Truth…

As an entrepreneur it has been forced on you by many gurus, marketers, and influencers that YOU have to be and act a certain way for your business and life to succeed. In reality, that’s a lie. This belief has led to a lot of unhappiness, misery, and pain. Because of this lie many entrepreneurs have lost their passion, their heart, and are constantly searching for happiness, and financial success.This site is here to show you that you don’t have to live like that to get what you want. You can have the entrepreneurial success and happiness you want and be 100% you.

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