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THE TRUTH ABOUT MY BACKGROUND: (maybe not what you think) I like to share and inspire you in a variety of ways (videos, emails, posts, podcasts, events, etc). I'm grateful to live a very full and fun life, but........ it wasn't always like that. THE TRUTH is that I barely graduated from high school, and I'm challenged with dyslexia, color blindness and ADD. The trifecta, huh? In the 6th grade, I was reading at a 3rd grade level. Both of my parents worked very hard until their retirement. Neither went to college.


I grew up very middle class. I started my business June 1, 1992. I only had $2,000 to my name, and I burned through it very fast. I didn't have enough money to buy a bed, so I slept on the floor of my studio apartment for months. I really didn't have much money for food either. I'd buy rice, potatoes, and cereal from Costco because I could save 80% buying in bulk. I wouldn't use the A/C so I could save money. On rare occasion, I would get a coupon for all-you-can-eat at Sizzler for $4. And, I'd bring my backpack and fill it up with bread and muffins, so I could eat the next day. (Not proud of this, but it's the truth).


I put my car in neutral to coast down hills to save gas. I would get flyers made for 1 penny each and walk for MILES each day handing them out to get personal training clients.


I had $20 left - PERIOD. I went to Borders Book Store (remember those?). I was searching for books on business and marketing. I found "Confessions of Shameless Self Promotors" by Debbie Allen. I bought it with my last $20.


I applied every trick in the book, and my business began to shift. I went several years without a full day off. I went nearly 12 years without any vacation... Yeah, that was a long time ago.... Since that time, I've learned a lot (AND MADE MANY MISTAKES - SOME HUGE.)

Today, I have fun every day. Over the years, I've made 10s of millions of dollars, created 500k jobs and am fortunate to enjoy multiple beautiful homes. (BTW: Years later, Debbie opened my movie WHY AM I SHARING THIS STORY? WHY DOES IT MATTER?


Because if you are frustrated, if you feel stuck, or maybe you are even hopeless, IT'S OKAY! Very few people who are now doing well started off that way. And, I'm glad I struggled. I wish I would have struggled more. It built my character and resolve. Use your frustration as fire. Use destitution to create a resolution. Build your empire. Custom design your life. Nobody is coming to save you.... It's always up to you. You can do it..... and I will support you and encourage you each step of the way! JSE

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