The Entrepreneur Show hosted by John Spencer Ellis
How and Why Wealthy People Think Differently Thank People Who Earn Far Less? Have you ever thought about it? Did you know there is a difference? Success leaves clues. Failures leave clues. Some things in life are simple lessons and others are harder. If you can shortcut your way to success by learning from people who are already successful, you are more likely to arrive at a point of success too. Affluent, wealthy, rich.... you can use any word you like.... "those people" tend to think differently and therefore ACT differently that those who have much less. It's time for you to learn the difference and make changes accordingly.
The Entrepreneur Show hosted by John Spencer Ellis. Topics include business, marketing, branding, PR, publicity, SEO, social media, lifestyle design, wealth creation, flow state, brain training, online course design, education and success for entrepreneurs in all industries. Learn how to work less, earn more, and have more fun while you help your customers.
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