The Entrepreneur Show hosted by John Spencer Ellis
You Will Learn EXACTLY How to Turn Your Ideas, Workouts, Martial Arts System, Wellness Plans, Training Systems, Diets, Coaching Programs and Transformation Classes into HIGHLY PROFITABLE Online Information Products and Courses! And.... it also works if you are an expert in fly fishing, knitting, interior design or anything else. THIS ALWAYS WORKS!!! Imagine, you can help people all over the world, earn money 24/7/365 and increase your free time. Let the power of the Internet work for you. You can still train and coach in a traditional setting while you ALSO make money selling your information online at the same time. You may also decide to simply switch to a completely digital business model. As a professional, you know how rewarding it is to help your clients achieve their goals. It feels great. However, there is a trade off. You work long hours, and at times, your own training suffers. And, you are really capped with your income. There are only so many hours in the day. And, you are trading time for money. That will only take you so far. There is an easier way to HELP MORE PEOPLE, EARN MORE MONEY and have more FREE TIME. Yes, it’s true and you can do it right now. It’s all about creating your own digital (and sometimes physical) information product based on your expertise.
The Entrepreneur Show hosted by John Spencer Ellis. Topics include
business, marketing, branding, PR, publicity, SEO, social media, lifestyle design, wealth creation, flow state, brain training, online course design, education and success for entrepreneurs in all industries. Learn how to work less, earn more, and have more fun while you help your customers.
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